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13:01 Ira and Alete Wafer Ira D. and Alete Thompson Wafer
This picture was probably made shortly after their marriage in late 1929.
13:02 Alete and Maydell Thompson Alete (left) and Maydell Thompson - 1909
Alete was born on 22 Nov 1905, and Maydell was born on 1 Oct 1907.
13:03 Alete Thompson Alete Thompson - 1925
13:04 Alice McAdams Thompson Alice McAdams Thompson - 1955
Alice visited Alete and Ira D. Wafer at their home on Grand Isle, Louisiana in 1955. This picture was taken on that Easter Sunday. Alice died two years later on 3 Aug 1957 at the age of 80.
13:05 McAdams Reunion 1965 Annie McAdams, Anita Glynn Taylor, and Maydell Thompson visiting at the H. A. McAdams reunion in 1969.
13:06 The Cuyler Thompson family The Cuyler Thompson family - 1909 (left to right)
Cuyler, Alete, Maydell, Alice
This picture was made prior to Cuyler Jr.'s birth in 1911.
13:07 Cuyler and Alice Thompson, Bobbi Hoover Cuyler and Alice Thompson with their granddaughter,
Bobbi Thompson - 1939
This picture was taken at the Thompson house in Bedias.
13:08 Ira Donaldson Wafer Ira Donaldson Wafer - 1927
This picture was taken by Alete Thompson, probably in late January 1927 near Sugarland, Texas. Alete and Ira D. were married on 14 Sep 1929.
13:08a Alete Thompson Wafer Alete Thompson - 1927
This picture was taken by Ira D. Wafer, probably in late January 1927 near Sugarland, Texas. Alete and Ira D. were married on 14 Sep 1929.
13:09 Jack Langley and cousins Jack Langley and cousins - 1932 or 1933
The girl riding the calf is Margaret McAdams, and the girl standing next to Jack is Ruth (Horace) McAdams. The boy standing behind the calf is unidentified.
Hiram Wesley Langley was nicknamed, "Jack" because that was his father's (Horace Wilson Langley) nickname. Horace Wilson Langley died in 1925, when Jack was only one year old.
13:10 Mariah Butler Mariah Butler - One of the family.
13:11 Mariah Butler Mariah Butler and Jack Langley - 1929
13:12 Mariah Butler Mariah Butler - 1930's
13:13 Mariah Butler Mariah Butler - 1940's
13:14 Thompson drug store Ira Jean and Mary Sue Wafer at the Thompson Drug Store
in Bedias - 1936.
The identity of the shy woman is unknown. The man is Cuyler Thompson, Sr.
13:15 Maydell Thompson Maydell Thompson - 1928
This colorized portrait of Maydell was probably taken while she was attending Sam Houston State.
13:16 Maydell Thompson Maydell Thompson - About 1953
This picture was probably taken at some point during Maydell's teaching career at Winnie, Texas.
13:17 McAdams Reunion 1986 H. A. McAdams Reunion - 1986 (left to right)
Ruth McAdams Cole, Kelly McAdams, Alete Thompson Wafer
13:18 McAdams Reunion 1986 H. A. McAdams Reunion - 1986 (left to right)
Lewis McAdams, Dale Sibley, Carl Luther McAdams, Jr.
13:19 Grandchildren 1994 Grandchildren of Hiram McAdams at the H. A. McAdams Reunion - 1994 (left to right)
Front: Kelly McAdams, Robbie Lee McAdams Hughes, Jo Beth McAdams Stutts, Ruth McAdams Ralston, Dorothy McAdams Sparks, Mary Frances Payne Murphy, Anita Glynn McAdams Taylor, Margaret McAdams McDonald, Marilyn McAdams Sibley
Back: Thomas McAdams, William Vernon McAdams, Jr., Charles Cole,
Carl Luther McAdams, Jr., Lewis McAdams.
13:20 50th anniversery Hiram Mullens McAdams and wife, Lizzie at their 50th wedding celebration (left to right)
Clara McAdams Roberts, Mary Jenkinson McAdams, Hiram Mullens McAdams, Lizzie McAdams
Hiram Mullens McAdams was Hiram McAdams' nephew.
13:21 Alete Thompson Alete Thompson. Photo probably taken near Sugarland, Texas - 1926
13:22 Alete Thompson Alete Thompson - 1927
13:23 Alete Thompson Alete Thompson. Photo taken by I. D. Wafer near Sugarland, Texas - 1927
13:24 Alete Thompson Alete Thompson college senior year - 1927
13:25 Easter 1937 Wafer family Easter 1937 family photo. The I. D. Wafer family (left to right)
Sue Wafer, I. D. Wafer, Ira Jean Wafer, Alete Thompson Wafer.
13:26 Alete and Don Wafer Alete Thompson Wafer and Don Wafer - backyard of the Thompson home in Bedias, Texas in 1938
13:27 Wafer family 1938 The Wafer family on the front porch of the Thompson home in Bedias Texas in 1938 (left to right)
Ira Jean, Alete (holding Don Bryce), Mary Sue
13:28 Ira and Alete Wafer 1954 I. D. and Alete Wafer at the Grand Canyon in 1954
13:29 McAdams reunion 1989 1989 H. A. McAdams reunion (left to right)
Alete Wafer, Charles Cole, Robbie Lee Hughes
13:30 Alete Wafer and Cuyler Thompson Alete Wafer and her brother, Cuyler Thompson, Jr. at Alete's home in New Braunfels, Texas in 1989.

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