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07:01 Alice Rebecca Williamson Alice Rebecca Williamson in 1886.
07:02 Alice Rebecca Williamson Alice Rebecca Williamson in 1892.
07:03 Alice Rebecca Williamson Alice Rebecca Williamson - About 1892.
07:04 Alice Cornelia McAdams Alice Cornelia McAdams in 1899.
07:05 McAdams girls McAdams girls - 1947 (left to right): Anita Glynn McAdams, Louene Cox, Dorothy McAdams, Ruth (Horace) McAdams, Mary Frances Payne, Jo Beth McAdams. The lone boy is Tom Cole, nephew of Ruth McAdams Cole. This picture was taken at the Williamson reunion.
07:06 McAdams girls McAdams girls - Early 1990's (left to right):
Anita Glynn McAdams Taylor, Louene Cox, Dorothy McAdams Sparks, Ruth McAdams Ralston, Mary Frances Payne Murphy, Jo Beth McAdams Stutts.
07:07 McAdams girls McAdams girls - Early 1990's (left to right):
Ruth McAdams Ralston, Marilyn McAdams Sibley, Dorothy McAdams Sparks, Jo Beth McAdams Stutts, Mary Frances Payne Murphy.
07:08 Dorothy Sue McAdams Dorothy Sue McAdams in 1930.
07:09 Easter 1936 Easter 1936 - Edgar McAdams' place. Ira Jean Wafer (5) and Mary Sue Wafer (3) at center.
07:10 Easter 1937 Easter 1937 (left to right)
Front Row: Edgar McAdams, Cuyler Thompson, Jr., Pearl Sadler Thompson, Mary Sue Wafer, Maydell Thompson, Damie Richards Roberts, Alice McAdams Thompson (behind Damie), Ira Jean Wafer, Alete Thompson Wafer (head turned left and holding Bobbie Thompson), Margaret McAdams, Mary Jenkinson McAdams (holding Jennie Claire Courtney), Robbie Lee McAdams Hughes (holding Leon Edgar Hughes)
Back Row: Bob McAdams, Cuyler Thompson, Sr., Ira Donaldson (I.D.) Wafer, Jeanette Roberts Courtney, L.C. Courtney, Sr. (holding L.C. Courtney, Jr.), Floyd Roberts, Leon (Frosty) Hughes.
07:11 Hiram Edgar McAdams family The Hiram Edgar McAdams family at home in Bedias in 1915 (left to right): Kelly, G. B., Gayle, Edgar McAdams, Robbie Lee, Mary Jenkinson McAdams.
07:12 Hiram Edgar McAdams Hiram Edgar McAdams in 1900.
07:13 Family 1945 Joe and Beth McAdams, Vernon and Annie McAdams, Jack and Dorothy Langley, Horace and Nevada McAdams. 1945.
07:14 Horace and Joe McAdams Horace and Joe Horn McAdams in 1900.
07:15 Horace McAdams and grandson Horace McAdams and grandson, David Sibley, in 1948.
07:16 James Franklin McAdams James Franklin McAdams in 1900.
07:17 Ruth McAdams Cole Ruth McAdams Cole in 1960
07:18 Charles Mason Cole Charles Mason Cole, Sr. in 1960 (husband of Ruth McAdams Cole)
07:19 Charles Mason Cole, Jr. Charles Mason Cole, Jr. in 1958 - Texas A&M freshman.
07:20 Ruth McAdams Ruth McAdams - Age 18 in 1924.
07:21 Ruth McAdams Ruth McAdams - Age 16 in 1922.

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