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06:01 Sugar cane mill The McAdams sugar cane mill in Walker County in 1903. On the right, the two men are (from left) Hiram Edgar McAdams and W. D. (Buck) Roberts.
06:02 Horace and Nevada McAdams Nevada and Horace McAdams at home, 1920 Avenue M, Huntsville, Texas - 1920's.
06:03 Ira Jean and Mitch Gray Ira Jean Wafer Gray and her son, Mitch - About 1960.
06:04 Jack Langley Hiram Wesley (Jack) Langley - Age 3 in 1927.
06:05 Jack Langley and Lewis McAdams Hiram Wesley (Jack) Langley on left and Lewis McAdams at Era's house in Bedias - 1943.
06:06 Jeanette Courtney and children Jeanette Roberts Courtney and children, Jennie Claire and L. C., Jr.
06:07 Jeanette Roberts Jeanette Alberta Roberts - Age 16 in 1917.
06:08 Jeanette Roberts Jeanette Alberta Roberts.
06:09 Bedias high school Graduating class Bedias High School in 1918. All six of them! Jeanette Roberts is on the far right.
06:10 Jennie Claire Courtney Jennie Claire Courtney.
06:11 Judene Wafer and son
Alyce Judene Wafer and son, Colby, in 1971.
06:12 L.C. Courtney, Jr. L. C. Courtney, Jr.
06:13 Jennie Claire and L.C. Courtney, Jr. Jennie Claire and L. C. Courtney, Jr.
06:14 Lewis McAdams Lewis McAdams.
06:15 Christmas card Christmas card - Floyd and Margaret McAdams McDonald.
06:16 Margaret and Bob McAdams Margaret and Bob McAdams at Edgar McAdams' house on FM 1696, between Bedias and Huntsville - 1945.
06:17 Marilyn McAdams Marilyn McAdams - Age 2 in 1923.
06:18 Mary McAdams and friends Mary McAdams (sitting) and friends during college days at Sam Houston. Picture taken about 1901.
06:19 Maydell Thompson Maydell Thompson - Age 9 in 1916.
06:20 Lois and Mike McAdams Lois and Mike McAdams.
06:21 Unknown [Unknown]
06:22 The old place This photo was taken at the "old place", home of Hiram McAdams. The woman to the right with the children is Aunt Betty (Mrs. Edgar Robbins), sister-in-law to Jennie Robbins McAdams. The man and the woman on the left are unknown. Aunt Betty is the one who moved in with Hiram after Jennie died to help with the children.
06:23 Family gathering 1935 Family gathering - 1935. (left to right)
Back: Jeanette Roberts, Floyd Roberts, James Franklin McAdams, Jr. (J.F.), Jack Langley, Robbie Lee McAdams, Marilyn McAdams, Ruth McAdams, Cuyler Thompson, Jr., G.B. McAdams, Bob McAdams.
Front: Dorothy McAdams, Ruth (Horace) McAdams, Anita Glynn McAdams, Margaret McAdams.
06:24 Family gathering 1935 Family gathering - 1935 - In-laws (left to right)
Wanda Jenkins McAdams (G.B.), Annie Cureton McAdams (Vernon), Joann Cox McAdams (J.F), Lonzo Courtney (Jeanette Roberts), Cuyler Thompson, Sr. (Alice), Nevada Stuart McAdams (Horace), Damie Richards Roberts (Floyd), Mary Jenkinson McAdams (Edgar).
06:25 Brothers and sisters Brothers and sisters - 1935 (left to right): Ruth McAdams, Era McAdams Langley, Clara McAdams Roberts, Alice McAdams Thompson, Hiram Edgar McAdams, Horace A. McAdams, William Vernon McAdams.
06:26 Hiram McAdams and Clara's family
Hiram McAdams with daughter, Clara Roberts, grand daughter, Jeanette Courtney and great grandson, L. C. Courtney, Jr. in 1935. This is possibly the last photograph taken of Hiram McAdams. He died in December, 1935.
06:27 Floye and Richard Roberts Floye and Richard Roberts.
06:28 Richard Roberts Richard Roberts.
06:29 Ruth McAdams Ruth McAdams - Age 12.
06:30 Ruth (Horace) McAdams Ruth (Horace) McAdams - Age 1 in 1925.
06:31 Vernon and Era families The families of Vernon McAdams and Era McAdams Langley in Bedias (left to right): Annie Cureton McAdams, William Vernon McAdams, Era McAdams Langley, Jack Langley, Anita Glynn McAdams. William Vernon (Bill) McAdams, Jr. is in front.
06:32 Vernon McAdams and Floyd Roberts Vernon McAdams (left) and Floyd Roberts - 1933 in Bedias. This photo was taken in the front yard of the home of Hiram McAdams. The dirt road is the present FM1696 to Huntsville.

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