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05:01 Alete and Clara [unknown] (sitting on left), Alete Thompson (standing) and Clara McAdams Roberts (sitting on right). Picture taken about 1923.
05:02 Alete and Maydell Alete and Maydell Thompson - About 1912.
05:03 Bedias Baptist Church Bedias First Baptist Church
05:04 Billy Roberts Billy Roberts.
05:05 Bob and Lois McAdams Bob and Lois McAdams.
05:06 Carl and Curtis McAdams Carl and Curtis McAdams.
05:07 Clara Roberts' Home The home of Clara McAdams Roberts in Huntsville, Texas.
05:08 Clara Roberts and Children Clara McAdams Roberts and children - 1905.
Jeanette, Clara, Floyd.
05:09 McAdams reunion Jeanette Roberts Courtney, Clara McAdams Roberts, Floyd Roberts at a McAdams reunion in the 1970's.
05:10 The Courtney family The Lonzo C. Courtney, Sr. family in 1940. Jeanette, L. C., Sr., Jennie Claire, L. C., Jr.
05:11 Curtis McAdams and son Curtis Avery McAdams and son, Curtis Wayne McAdams - About 1943.
05:12 The Cuyler Thompson family The family of Cuyler Thompson and Alice McAdams Thompson - 1916
Cuyler, Sr., Cuyler, Jr. (tricycle), Alete, Maydell, Alice. The woman sitting in the chair is Cuyler, Sr's. mother. She was called Muv-va by the family. Her home was directly in back of Cuyler's homesite.
05:13 Cuyler Thompson, Jr. Cuyler Thompson, Jr. - Age 69 in 1980.
05:14 Don Wafer Don Wafer in 1943.
05:15 Eddie McAdams Eddie McAdams.
05:16 Era McAdams Era McAdams - Age 17.
05:17 Baptism in Bedias Baptism in Bedias - 1908. The boy next to the preacher is Floyd Roberts.
05:18 Floyd and Jeanette Roberts Brother and sister. Floyd and Jeanette Roberts in 1926.
05:19 Floye Roberts Floye Roberts - Age 3 in 1940.
05:20 The Floyd Roberts family The Floyd Roberts family - 1945 (left to right)
Richard Olan, Damie (standing) George William, Floyd, Floye Eloise.
05:21 Floyd Roberts and children Floyd Roberts and his children - 1943 (left to right)
Richard Olan, George William, Floye Eloise.
05:22 Gene Edward Lewis Gene Edward Lewis at the home of Clara McAdams Roberts in Huntsville - Winter 1945.
Behind him is Vera McAdams (left) and Evelyn McAdams.
05:23 Christmas in Bedias Christmas in Bedias - Hiram with grandchildren -1927 (left to right)
Front: Ruth (Horace), Marilyn, Jack, Bob.
Middle: Clara Augusta, Spencer (Duck), G. B., Kelly, Jeanette, Floyd
Back: J. F., Maydell, Cuyler, Jr., Robbie Lee (holding Margaret), Hiram, Larue, Alete (holding Anita Glynn)
05:24 Christmas in Bedias Christmas in Bedias - 1927 (left to right)
Back: J.F. McAdams, Floyd Roberts, Bob McAdams (on Kelly's shoulder)
Middle: Joe Horn McAdams, G.B. McAdams, Cuyler Thompson, Jr., Kelly Edgar McAdams
Front: Jack Langley, Spencer (Duck) McAdams
05:25 Christmas in Bedias Christmas in Bedias - 1927 - Hiram McAdams' grandchildren and his daughter, Ruth (left to right)
Front: Clara Augusta McAdams, Kelly Edgar McAdams , Ruth McAdams, James Franklin McAdams, Alete Thompson.
Back: Garrett Beachman (G.B.) McAdams, Jennie Larue McAdams, Jeanette Roberts, Robbie Lee McAdams, Cuyler Thompson, Maydell Thompson.
05:26 Christmas in Bedias Hiram Augustus McAdams - Christmas in Bedias - 1927.
05:27 Hiram and Jack Jack Langley and Hiram McAdams in Bedias - Christmas 1927.
05:28 Era Langley and Clara Roberts Era McAdams Langley and Clara McAdams Roberts - Christmas in Bedias - 1927.
05:29 Christmas in Bedias Christmas in Bedias - 1927 (left to right)
Front: William Vernon McAdams, James Franklin McAdams, Hiram Edgar McAdams, Horace A. McAdams, Joe Horn McAdams
Back: Mary McAdams, Era McAdams, Clara Augusta McAdams, Hiram Augustus McAdams, Ruth McAdams, Alice Cornelia McAdams. Note: Carl Luther McAdams is not in the picture.
05:30 Christmas in Bedias Christmas in Bedias - 1927. Hiram McAdams with some of his children (left to right)
Front: Frank and Mary Baldwin McAdams, Vernon and Annie Cureton McAdams, Edgar and Mary Jenkinson McAdams, Horace and Nevada Stuart McAdams.
Back: Frank and Mary McAdams Payne, Hiram A. McAdams, Cuyler and Alice McAdams Thompson.
05:31 Hiram McAdams and Jack Bishop Hiram A. McAdams (right) and Jack Bishop - About 1927 in Bedias
Jack and Hiram were good friends - Jack's wife, Willie Mae McAdams, was the daughter of William Francis McAdams and was Hiram's niece.
05:32 Anita Glynn McAdams and Jack Langley Anita Glynn McAdams and Hiram Wesley (Jack) Langley in 1927.
05:33 Era and Jack Langley Era McAdams Langley and son, Hiram Wesley (Jack) Langley, Jr. - 1927.
05:34 Mariah Butler Mariah Butler - One of the family.
05:35 The Taylor family Anita Glynn, Paul, Jim and Bill Taylor in 1959.
05:36 Vernon McAdams and Jim Taylor Vernon McAdams and grandson, Jim Taylor in 1958.
05:37 Vernon McAdams William Vernon McAdams in 1979.
05:38 Vernon McAdams' grandchildren The Vernon McAdams grandchildren in 1969 (left to right)
Sharon McAdams, Mike McAdams, Paul Taylor, Jim Taylor. The tall girl standing is Cindy Cureton, Vernon's niece.

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