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Charles and Barbara Hughes Memorial - Page 2

Charles and Barbara Hughes died in a tragic automobile accident on July 21, 2003. These memorial pages are dedicated to them.

H02:01 April 2000 Barbara Hughes, Carla McAdams, Cynthia Cole in kitchen of Robbie Lee Hughes' house on FM1696 between Huntsville and Bedias in April, 2000. (left to right)
H02:02 Barbara Hughes Barbara Hughes at the 1998 H. A. McAdams Reunion on FM1696.
H02:03 Lake Travis 1996 Carla McAdams, Richard and Emily Roberts, Charles and Barbara Hughes at a restaurant on Lake Travis in July 1996. (left to right)
H02:04 McAdams reunion 1998 Sue and John Hughes, Barbara and Charles Hughes at the 1998 HAM reunion on FM1696. (left to right)
H02:05 Robbie Lee Hughes' home 1999 Charles Cole, Charles Hughes, Mason Cole, Kelly Cole in Robbie Lee's house on FM1696 in April, 1999. (left to right)
H02:06 Robbie Lee Hughes' home 2000 Charles Hughes, David Cole, Darren and Kelly Cole, and Charles Cole on the front porch of Robbie Lee's house on FM1696 in April, 2000. (left to right)
H02:07 Georgetown, Texas 1996 Charles Hughes and Richard Roberts examining the deck on Charles and Barbara's house in Georgetown in July, 1996.
H02:08 Charles Hughes and Richard Roberts Charles Hughes and Richard Roberts in Charles' wood-working shop at his house in Georgetown in July, 1996.
H02:09 Round Rock, Texas 1996 Emily and Richard Roberts, Barbara and Charles Hughes, and Carla McAdams at a restaurant in Round Rock in July, 1966. Charles Hughes is conversing with the restaurant manager. (left to right)
H02:10 Robbie Lee Hughes Robbie Lee Hughes in her home on FM1696 in April, 2000. Barbara Hughes, Cynthia Cole and Carla McAdams are in the background in the kitchen.
H02:11 Easter egg hunt 1946 Easter egg hunt at the McAdams Reunion in 1946 (left to right)
Front: George (Billy) Roberts, Judene Wafer, John Hughes, Billye Mae McAdams, Charles Hughes, Richard Roberts, Don Wafer, Thomas McAdams.
Back: Susanne McAdams, Floye Roberts, Jennie Claire Courtney, Bobbie Thompson, Sue Wafer, Niece of Ruby Long Enlow.
H02:12 H02:12: No Picture  
H02:13 McAdams reunion 2000 L to R, foreground: Irene McCreight (Carla's mother), Carla McCreight McAdams, Barbara Hughes at the 2000 Hiram McAdams family reunion. L to R, background: Ruth Ralston and Jo Beth Stutts.
H02:14 McAdams reunion 1998 L to R : Barbara Hughes, Robbie Lee Hughes and Thomas McAdams (in Scottish Kilt) at the 1998 Hiram McAdams family reunion.
H02:15 McAdams reunion 1997 L to R : Barbara Hughes, Ralph Vertrees, Charles Cole, Martha McAdams Vertrees, Charles Hughes at the 1997 Hiram McAdams family reunion.
H02:16 McAdams reunion 1997 Charles Hughes taking a photo of the family group at Robbie Lee's house on FM1696 in April 1997 the night before the Hiram McAdams reunion.
H02:17 Charles Hughes and Carl Luther McAdams L to R : Carl Luther McAdams , Charles Hughes at the McAdams chapel in October, 1996 for the celebration of Carl Luther as the "Warden of Faith".
H02:18 McAdams reunion 2001 L to R : Foster Murphy, Mary Frances Murphy, Charles Cole, Charles Hughes in discussion at the 2001 Hiram McAdams family reunion.

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