Hiram A. McAdams

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Land Grant - Hiram A. Powers - 1841

Land Grant - 1841 (Transcription)

Hiram A. Powers Land Grant No. 270.

The following is a reproduction of the text within this Land Grant for 640 acres in Montgomery County (later becomes a part of Walker County). This land grant was assigned to James G. Hutchinson, assignee of H.A. Powers by Mirabeau B. Lamar, President of the Republic of Texas, on September 22, 1841. This was about five and a half years after Texas had declared independence from Mexico (March 2, 1836). H.A. McAdams later purchased this property from J.F. Spell & J.R. Spell on December 16, 1876 for $1200 (about $1.88 per acre).

Note: Even though Hutchinson selected the property, it is designated (even to this date) as the "H.A. Powers survey". All land grant properties were originally identified under the name of the person who originally qualified for and received the grant. This designation does not change regardless of any subsequent ownership of the property selected under the original grant.


To all whom these presents shall come, Know ye

I, Mirabeau B. Lamar, PRESIDENT of the Republic, aforesaid, by virtue of the power vested in me by LAW and in accordance with the statutes of said Republic, in such case made and provided, do by these presents, Grant to James G. Hutchinson assignee of Hiram A. Powers, his heirs or assigns Forever six hundred and forty acres of Land, situated and described as follows, In Montgomery County on Bear Creek, a branch of the Trinity River, Beginning on the SouthEast corner of Davis survey at a post from which a Post Oak 8 in dia , bears North 58 West 26 & 4/10 varas, another 6 in dia bears South 70 West 31 & 2/10 varas. Thence North 89*20’ West with said survey One thousand nine hundred and eight tenths varas to a post from which a Pine 24 in dia bears North78 East 5 & 4/10 varas. Thence South 0*40’ West One thousand nine hundred and eight tenths varas to a post from which a Blackjack 12 in dia bears South 81 East 7 & 8/10 varas and another 6 in dia bears North 27 East 11 varas. Thence South 89*20’ East one thousand nine hundred and eight tenths varas to a post from which a Post Oak 7 in dia bears North 75 East 9 & 6/10 varas to another 8 in dia bears South 61 West 13 varas. Thence North 0*40’ East one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight varas to the place of beginning.

Hereby relinquishing to him, the said James G. Hutchinson and his heirs or assigns Forever, all the right and title, in and to said Land, heretofore held and possessed, by the government of said Republic, and I do hereby issue, this letter patent, for the same.

IN TESTIMONY whereof, I have caused, the great Seal of the Republic, to be affixed, as well as the Seal of the General Land Office, DONE at the City of Austin on the twenty second day of September one thousand, eight hundred and forty one and the Year of the Independence of said Republic, the sixth.

Mirabeau B. Lamar, President