Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

Land Grant - John McAdams, Jr. - 1838

REPUBLIC of TEXAS Head of Family Land Grant
Certificate 627
Issued to John McAdams, Jr. in January 1838

John McAdams, Jr. married Hester White in 1838 and was thereby entitled, as a married man and Head of Family, to an additional property grant from the Republic of Texas. Having previously received 1/3 League (1476 acres) as an unmarried man, he was then granted this additional 2/3 League and one Labor (3129 acres), providing for a Land Grant total of 4605 acres (one League plus one Labor).

This Land Grant Certificate together with the survey of the property he had selected in Sabine County authorized the Texas Land Office to issue a Land Patent on December 20, 1847. This property is located in Sabine County (now Panola County) in East Texas near or adjacent to the 1/3 League he had been previously granted as an unmarried man.

However, since this property was only 2189 acres, he was also entitled to a remaining balance of 940 acres. On April 4, 1870, he was issued a 138.3 acre tract in Walker County located about 3 ½ miles Northeast of the McAdams Pavilion location and he later sold his rights to the remaining 801.7 acres of this Land Grant to James H. Starr on November 26, 1870.

NOTE: 12,360,200 square varas is equal to 2189 acres.