Hiram A. McAdams

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Land Grant - John McAdams, Jr. - 1838

First Class Headright Land Grant to a Single Man
Certificate 33
Issued to John McAdams, Jr. in Feb 1838

John McAdams, Jr. emigrated to Texas, rejoining with his parents in 1834. He was 19 years of age and unmarried at that time. Therefore, he was entitled to a grant of 1/3 League of land (1476 acres) from the Republic of Texas upon the formation of the Republic in 1836.

Such a grant was designated by the Republic as a "First Class Headright Grant to a Single Man". The certificate that is reproduced in this segment together with the survey of the property he had selected authorized the Texas Land Office to issue Land Patent No. 819 to him on Feb 10, 1846.

Later, however, in the fall of 1838 and upon his marriage to Hester White, he was then entitled to an additional 2/3 League plus one Labor (3129 acres) which brought his total "Headright Grant" to the full One League and One Labor (4605 acres) that Texas awarded to a married man with family.

The property that John, Jr. selected in claiming this Grant is in Sabine County between Shelbyville and Milam and is now part of the Sabine National Forest.