Hiram A. McAdams

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Land Grant - John McAdams, Sr. - 1838

REPUBLIC of TEXAS Head of Family Land Grant
Certificate 79
Issued to John McAdams, Sr. in Feb 1838

John McAdams, Sr. was a Methodist minister and came to Texas in 1829 at the urging of his friend Sam Houston. He later moved his wife, Martha Rogers McAdams, and family to Texas in February, 1834.

Upon the establishment of the Republic of Texas in 1836 he was entitled, as a "married man with family" arriving in Texas in 1834, to receive one League and one Labor of land (4605 acres). Such a grant was designated by the Republic as a "First Class Headright Grant". The certificate that is reproduced in this segment together with the survey of the property he had selected authorized the Texas Land Office to issue Land Patent No. 610 to him on Feb 10, 1846.

The property, as described in the accompanying field survey notes, is in the Northwest corner of Shelby County near the East Texas town of Long Branch. This was the Family Homestead until fall of 1838 when a group of cattle rustlers from the "Neutral Ground" across the Sabine River raided their settlement and stole virtually all of their livestock and other family possessions. James, John’s second child, who was married with three children at the time, was also killed in this raid.

Following this encounter, John, Sr., together with James’ family, John, Jr. and his young bride Hester White and Hester’s family, sold their remaining possessions and all moved to Walker County.