Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

First and Second Reunions

Submitted by Mary Frances Payne Murphy in 1976

First ReunionThe following is a summary of a newspaper account of the first McAdams reunion as reported in the Huntsville Item (1935):

Reunion Held For McAdams Relatives
Several hundred people gathered at the old John R. McAdams home Sunday and under large oak trees near the home held a celebration of this ancestor and also observed the ninetieth birthday of Hiram McAdams, oldest living member of the family. The log house, which is still occupied, is built of logs 87 years old. More than two hundred and fifty of the family signed the guest book. Several descendants of slaves on the McAdams homestead were present and had a part in the festivities. The home stands thirteen miles west of Huntsville on the Bedias road.
About ten thirty in the morning, after the crowd had arrived, Ted and Marie Yates, great grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wood, gave a vocal solo with piano accompaniment and Edwin Anders, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anders, sang "An Old Spanish Custom," playing his own accompaniment on the guitar. A reading, most appropriate for the setting, "Woodsman Spare That Tree," was given by Bob McAdams. Jack Langley, son of Era McAdams Langley, read a toast written by Jud Mortimer Lewis to Mr. McAdams for this occasion. It was entitled "Your Ninetieth Birthday." The bounteous repast was spread at noon on long tables and served buffet style. A large four-tier twenty-pound birthday cake with ninety candles and holders was in the center of the table.

(Question: What happened to this old log house?)

The following is a summary of a newspaper account of the second McAdams reunion. as reported in the Huntsville Item (1936):

McAdams Family in Mammoth Reunion
McAdams, Guerrants, Bankheads and their kin from all over Texas gathered at the Josey Scout Lodge in Huntsville Sunday for the second annual reunion of the McAdams. Guerrants and Bankheads are related to the McAdams family by marriage and were guests at the reunion. The high point of the ceremonies for the day was at noon when Mrs. Mattie McAdams Roberts, celebrating her sixty-fifth birthday, cut a huge birthday cake with a sword used by her great-great uncle, Hiram McAdams, in the American Revolution. Dedicating the meeting to the four remaining daughters of John McAdams: Mrs. Caroline McAdams Wilson, Mrs. Theodocia McAdams Wilson, Mrs. Margaret McAdams Barron and Mrs. Mattie McAdasms Roberts, some five hundred joined the all day celebration.

At a short business session, the assembly decided to buy five acres near the old McAdams cemetery, 14 miles from Huntsville, where the reunion will be held from now on. The McAdams', Guerrants and Bankheads are among the oldest families in Texas. In 1834, these families settled in Walker County, and from the original families there have sprung some of the most noted and highly honored men and women of Texas. The older families have married and intermarried until they are kin in some way or other to almost everybody in the county.