Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

H. A. McAdams Biography

By Thomas Hiram McAdams

Many of you younger members of the Hiram McAdams family have heard the name "Hiram McAdams", and know him as your grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather, etc. But how many of you know what others wrote of his life. The following are a few of the reports written of his life and accomplishments.

Biography of Hiram A. McAdams published in the book, "My Home Town, The Bedias Story"(??? denotes errors in the original publication.)
H. A. McAdams, senior, was born September 8, 1845, in Walker Co. He was one of the five children born to John and Hester McAdams. His mother Hiram McAdamsdied when he was a small boy. After several years, his father married again, and eleven children were born to this union (??? To John McAdams, Jr.). Hiram McAdams was reared on a farm with fifteen (???eleven) brothers and sisters and a number of orphan children brought into the home. There was plenty of work to be done and he did his share.

He married Jennie Robbins on Feb. 18, 1874. To this union, six children were born. In 1886, his wife died and in 1892 he married Alice Williamson. She also bore him six children. Eleven of his dozen children reached adulthood.

Hiram McAdams spent most of his life on a farm in Walker Co., near the McAdams cemetery and his old home. He accumulated quite a number of acres of land and engaged in farming, stock raising, and ginning. At one time, he had 25 Negro families farming for him. Many of these helpers were devoted to him and lived on his farm for many years. With so much cotton, it was necessary to install a gin on his farm. It took too long to haul the cotton to Huntsville. Extra helpers were needed to operate the gin, so all were taken in to his home to board, and everyone who came to the gin had to eat at his house. Some days as many as 20 men besides the family ate there but there was plenty of meat, bread, and syrup. He averaged killing one beef every two weeks and generously shared it with neighbors and friends far and near. The same was true of the fruit from his large orchard. His was the old pioneer hospitality.

After his older children were grown and married, he moved his family to Bedias where there was a high school. He continued to operate the farm and ranch in Walker co. And divided his time between it and his home in Bedias.

He was a faithful member of the church and practiced his religion in dealing with his fellow man. He contributed much to the development of both Grimes and Walker counties. After living to be 90, he passed away on Dec. 28, 1935. Children: Clara, Alice, Carl, Edgar, Frank, Mary, Horace, Era, Joe, Vernon, Ruth.

Huntsville Newspaper Obituary of Hiram A. McAdams
Hiram McAdams passed away last Saturday, Dec. 28.

One of Walker County's oldest citizens passed away Saturday, Dec. 28. H. A. McAdams, celebrated his ninetieth birthday on Sept. 8, 1935, at a family reunion held at the old home of his boyhood days. In earlier days, Mr. McAdams was known as North Bedias Cattle King. He owned 5067 acres of land and his herd of cattle with the figure 12 brand grazed in droves of hundreds of head on this land.

No widow, orphan, or man in need who came to him for help and advice was turned away without aid. He was the Colored people's friend and councilor. They all knew Mr. Mac would help them when in trouble.

He was an outstanding character for good. When an issue was before him, he never hesitated to stand for the right regardless of the cost. He was a strong prohibitionist and was ever ready to take a stand against the liquor element. He was a staunch Christian, always giving liberally of his means to support the church and its causes.

In 1888, Mr. McAdams served as commissioner of precinct No. 2, when the present court house was built. His old home fifteen miles west of Huntsville on the old Bryan road, where his twelve children were born, was a haven of rest for many a weary traveler.

When he was twenty-eight years old, he was married to Miss Jennie Robbins. Surviving children by this marriage are: Mrs. Clara Roberts of Huntsville, Mrs. Alice Thompson of Bedias, Carl McAdams of Bath, and Edgar McAdams of Huntsville.

Years after the death of his wife, he was married to Miss Alice Williamson and six children survive: Mrs. Mary Payne of Carthage, Horace McAdams, Mrs. Era Langley, Joe and Vernon McAdams and Miss Ruth McAdams, all of Bedias. There also remain four sisters, thirty grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren.

In 1908 he moved his family to Bedias and until three or four years ago rode his horse while attending to his business. He was not rich in this world's goods but had built mansions above where he may dwell with his loved ones gone before.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday by his pastor, Rev. Russell, and he was buried in the Baptist cemetery at Bedias.

Madisonville Meteor Obituary of Hiram McAdams
December, 1935. Mr. Hiram Augustus McAdams died at his home in Bedias on December 28 after an illness of some length. He was 90 years old and is survived by eleven children, viz: Carl McAdams, Edgar McAdams, and Mrs. Clara Roberts of Huntsville, Mrs. C. Thompson, Horace McAdams, Vernon McAdams, Joe McAdams, Mrs. Era Langley, and Miss Ruth McAdams all of Bedias and Mrs. B. F. Payne of Carthage. He is also survived by four sisters, Mrs. Polie Wilson of Goose Creek, Mrs. Jo-Abb Wilson of Walker county, Mrs. R. P. Barron of the Valley county, and Mrs. Ed Roberts of Huntsville.

Mr. McAdams was a faithful member of the Baptist church since 1866 and practiced his profession when dealing with his fellow men. He had lived in the vicinity of Bedias all his long life and had been one of the large contributors to the development of North Grimes and Walker counties for all these years. He was the oldest member of this illustrious family of which there is perhaps three hundred descendants, all of whom have been reared in Grimes and Walker counties in the vicinity of the old McAdams home in Walker county where the reunion of the family was recently held, at which gathering the deceased was a prominent figure. This reunion was chronicled in the Meteor some weeks ago, it will be remembered by our readers.

Mr. McAdams was a good citizen and was very active in not only his own business affairs but had the interest of his community and state at heart and took an active part in the welfare of these up to the time of his death.

Funeral services were held at the Baptist church at Bedias with Pastor Russell in charge and under the direction of Hollis Undertaking company of this city.