Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

Memorial to Frank McAdams

By Spencer Lamond (Duck) McAdams
This is information submitted in 1976 for a reunion program.

Spencer Lamond McAdams was the youngest child of Frank McAdams. Lamond (nick-named "Duck") adored his dad and was his constant companion during vacation time and all other opportunities he had to be with his dad. He wrote the following poem:

An Angel alighted as soft as the dew,
"Come, my brother, your Father awaits you.
You are so tired, you need to rest.
Your days here on earth were heavenly blest."

A cold mysterious darkness enshrouded him then.
A new life up there was his to begin.
Out of a frail body his soul did depart,
The Maker of man had stilled his heart.

Last night he left us in search of Tomorrow;
Tonight his loved ones mourn in sorrow.
He heard Your Call and bode us farewell,
To a Home up in Heaven he's gone to dwell.

We have his memory, You have his soul.
That's what he strived for, that was his goal.
He knew, as we knew, that someday he must give
His soul back to You, who caused it to live.

Lord, he was Thine and not our own,
Thou hast not done us wrong.
We thank Thee for the precious loan
Afforded us so long.