Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

Four Cousins in Colorado

From the December, 1996 McAdams Family Newsletter

Colorado 1959A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... four cousins got together and took a trip. At the time we didn't know each other very well. We probably cooked up this trip just to please our parents and attempt to get them off our backs because we were "drifting away from the family." Three of us lived in Huntsville, and one lived in Bryan.

We departed central/east Texas one morning, and our destination was Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. We piled into a two-door Renault with camping gear for four (army cots) and enough food for an army (sound familiar?). Our travel arrangements gave new meaning to the term "packed like a can of sardines." Now for those of you who don't remember the Renault, it was a tiny vehicle about the size of a VW Beetle!
Guess what? We had a great time. We got to know each other. We didn't mind the cold or the lack of proper equipment. (remember, we were fresh out of high school and were bullet-proof).

We didn't have much room on the trip, so we lightened the load considerably by eating our way to Colorado (our mothers had supplied the normal McAdams quantity of food for the trip.)

We saw the mountains together, camped together, took baths in 35 degree mountain water together, and became fairly good friends. That trip was important! It gave us common ground, and we never get together now (over 35 years later) that we don't talk about it. In the big scheme of things, that trip to Colorado was very important to a lot of people. It was important to our parents then, and it is heritage for us now. Too often we minimize the potential impact in later years of a simple trip together. The four of us are better people and more dedicated family members for having shared that experience.