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Alice Williamson's Autograph Book

Alice Williamson's Autograph Book
By Mary Frances Payne Murphy

These messages came from an autograph book belonging to Alice Rebecca Williamson. She apparently started collecting writings from her friends in 1890 before she was married. The last one was written by her daughter, Mary, and included one from her youngest child, Ruth. Some words could not be deciphered and so were not included..... Mary Murphy, 2009

My album is a garden spot
Where all my friends may sow
Where thorns and thistles flourish not
But flowers alone may grow
With smiles for sunshine, tears for showers
I'll water, watch and guard my flowers

Bedias, Texas
Nov. 1890
Alice Williamson

Miss Alice
Dear Mother

Roses may wither
Flowers may die
Friends may forget you
But never will I

Your daughter

Dear Momma

Here I stand on two little chipps
Come and kiss my sweet little lips

Your baby
Words from your baby
(Written by Mary McAdams, Alice's daughter and Ruth's sister)

Miss Alice Williamson
Dear Friend

"Give thy thoughts no tongue
Nor any unproportioned thought his act
Be thou familiar but by no means vulgar
These friends thou hast and their adoption tried
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel"

Your esteemed friend
D. J. McDonald
Bedias, Texas June 24, 1891
Note: This is a direct quote from Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3

To Miss Alice
Be always kind hearted
Do good deeds without end
But never forget
Your affectionate friend

Dec the 11 1890 Rebecca Shanks

Miss Alice Williamson
Dear friend

When the days are dark
and friends are few
Remember me and I will you

Isa Griffith
Apr 1891

Miss Alice Williamson

We write our names in albums
We trace them in the sand
We may chisel them in marble
With a firm and skilled hand
But the pages soon are.....
Soon each name will fade away
Like all earthy hopes decay
But dear friend, there is an album
Full of leaves of snowy white
Where no name is ever tarnished
But forever pure and white
In that book of life God's Album
May your name be penned
And may all who.....
Have there names forever there

Your friend
Nov 26, 1890 Ida McD

Dear Alice

If you will prove constant I will
prove true and spend all my days
in friendship with you

Lena Midkiff

Miss Alice

If ever a husban you should have
and he this book should see tell
him of your youthful days and kiss
him once for me

kind friend
J. E. Mulkey
Nov 30 1890

To Miss Alice

When the distant sun is setting
and your mind from care is free
When of Distant Friendships you are thinking
Will you sometimes think of me.

No name or date
Flossie Midkiff

Beadies January 4th 1891

As I never try to write for fame
so I will only write my name

H. A. McAdams

Note: Hiram A. McAdams and Alice Williamson were married Jan 28, 1892

If scribbling in albums remembrance ensures
with the greatest of pleasure I'll scribble
in yours.
I never try to write for fame
so I shall only sign my name

Yours very truly
Julia Shanks

Dearest friend

Forget me not when death shal close
These eyelids in their last repose
And when the murmuring breezes wave
The grass upon my grave
Oh then whatere thy age or lot
May be dear friend forget me not

Your True Friend
Sehoy Wilson
Bedias Tex Feb 22 1891

Miss Alice

Remembrance is a golden chain
That binds our hearts together
But if we never meet again
We will not forget each other

Your friend
Celia Heath
Feb 22, 3.30 PM

Miss Alice Williamson

When you open this Book
May you open your heart
and think me thou
We are apart

Your friend
Sallie Corner

April the 12 1891
Red Hill April the 5-99

When your days on earth are ended
And your path through life have been trod
May your name on bold be written
In the autograph of God.

Red Hill Girl