Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

Letter from Judd Mortimer Lewis - 1935

Letter from Judd Mortimer Lewis to Ruth McAdams conveying poem written for Hiram A. McAdams' 90th birthday - 1935.

This poem was written by request of Mrs. James Washington McAdams for
Jack Langley (at age 11) to give as a tribute to his Grandfather, Hiram A. McAdams,
on his ninetieth birthday. Jack gave this reading as a part of the program at the first
McAdams Reunion held September 8, 1935.

Judd Mortimer Lewis, who was employed at the Houston Post Newspaper at the
time and recognized as the "First Poet Laureate of Texas", wrote this poem for that
occasion and forwarded it to Ruth Cole on August 26, 1935:


Dear Pop, if one small boy could frame
The love that mention of that name,
The love your kindness has made glow
In his boy-heart, then you would know
A part of all that you have meant
To him through all the years he has spent
Growing beside you, and you’d see
His dream of what he hopes to be.

You’d know with wisdom of your years,
Your nine-ty years, his hopes and fears;
His hope to be a man like you;
His hope to meet and come through
The trying years as bravely strong
As you’ve come through hard years and long;
To teach by precept, as you’ve taught,
With splendid deed and kindly thought.

You’d know, too, something of the fear
Of the small boy who holds you dear;
The fear that he may not come through
The years as splendidly and true
As you have come; but you will know
That, because he has loved you so,
He will reach heights now far and dim
Because your love will be with him.

You’ll know his wish, that you may be
Spared many happy years to see
Your dreams come true in that small boy;
Oh, many years; to know the joy
That your companionship has meant
Through the boyhood that he has spent
In step with you, to learn your ways
To guide him throughout all his days.

Judd Mortimer Lewis